Father Forced To Shoot Son After Being Threatened With Shotgun


CLAY, WV —  In a traumatizing turn of events, a father was forced to shoot his son multiple times after he threatened his life with a shotgun.

And you’ll have to buckle in for this — both of them share the same name.

The son, Mark Workman, was staying at the home of his father… Mark Workman.

The father was not at the residence for some time, and after at least four days of being absent from the property, he returned to find his son, armed with a shotgun, according to WVAH.

His own son threatened to kill him.

The father produced a handgun, a .22 revolver. He shot his son multiple times.

As WVAH reports, the son was take to a hospital by helicopter, but the extent of his injuries were unknown.

Should he pull through, he will be facing criminal charges. Aside from threatening his own flesh and blood, he already had warrants out on him.

On top of all that, he wasn’t legally allowed to possess a firearm.

Isn’t that funny — how he wasn’t supposed to own a firearm, and yet he got his hands on one anyway.

Huh. Weird.

It’s entirely too often that we write about deadly family conflicts. It is entirely too often we write about how criminals own firearms — even though they really shouldn’t.

Even if it’s a .22 folks, always be armed, and always be ready.

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