Man Shot By Concealed Carrier After Shooting And Killing 2 People In Restaurant Parking Lot

SNYDER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — A man is in the hospital after he was shot by an armed citizen in a restaurant parking lot. The armed citizen pulled the trigger because the man had just shot and killed two people just moments before.

Friday evening’s shooting of Heather Sue Campbell, 46, of Trevorton, and Matthew T. Bowersox, 52, of Mifflinburg, in the parking lot of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in a shopping plaza along Routes 11/15 in Hummels Wharf was premediated, he said..

Christopher T. Fernanders, 55, was charged Saturday with first-degree murder. He wasn’t arraigned, due to the fact that he’s laying in a hospital bed.

Without Campbell’s knowledge, police say Fernanders attached a GPS device to her vehicle, allowing him to access her location. That device ultimately led him to her location, where the senseless killings took place.

An order of protection was filed in early July against Fernanders, but we know all too well that those are simply just pieces of paper.

40-year-old Troy Adam Sprenkle was inside the restaurant waiting to be seated when he heard the shots. A licensed concealed carrier, Sprenkle made the decision to go outside and confront Fernanders. He fired 3 to 4 shots, taking Fernanders down and rendering him no longer a threat.

Mike Piecuch, the District Attorney, released the following statement:

Last night our community experienced a horrendous act of domestic violence where two innocent people were fatally gunned down in the parking lot of a local restaurant.  This was a heart-breaking moment for the family and friends of Heather Campbell and Matt Bowersox, as well as the patrons and staff at the restaurant who had to witness the unprovoked attack.  

A criminal complaint was filed this afternoon charging Christopher Tauren Fernanders of Paxinos with two counts of first-degree murder, firearms violations, stalking, violation of a protection from abuse order, and related offenses.  On July 1st, Campbell had obtained the protection from abuse order against Fernanders after he was charged in late June for terroristic threats in Northumberland County. 

The evidence shows that the attack was premeditated and that Fernanders acted alone.  Fernanders was taken into custody at the scene after being shot by a legally armed bystander.  Fortunately, the danger was isolated to the parking lot of the restaurant and no one else was injured.  Fernanders remains in custody at the hospital in serious condition and will be arraigned when his condition allows.  Because the charges involve first degree murder, he is not entitled to any bail.

I want to thank the Pennsylvania State Police and all the law enforcement officers and first responders that rushed to the scene to ensure safety and provide medical assistance.  I want to also recognize the actions of several bystanders who rendered assistance at the scene.

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