New York Man Arrested After Negligently Shooting Self


ALBANY, NEW YORK — A New York native is facing no fewer than four charges after being arrested for possession of a firearm, ABC News 10 reports.

How did authorities know Ronald W. Henry Jr. was in possession of a firearm unlawfully? Well, he shot himself.

Talk about making a bad day worse.

Henry Jr. allegedly shot himself with a gun for which he did not have a permit December 1st at approximately 7 p.m., and when deputies responded to the scene of the accident they discovered that not only he had managed to shoot himself, but didn’t have a New York State pistol permit, making him unable to lawfully possess a firearm in the state.

He was taken to Albany Medical Center, where he presumably recovered. Afterwards he was remanded to the Albany County Correctional Facility without bail.

He picked up the following charges against him:

  • Second degree criminal possession of a weapon
  • Third degree criminal possession of a weapon
  • Criminal possession of a firearm
  • Tampering with physical evidence

The latter point might indicate the Henry Jr. attempted to cover up the incident to one extent or other, but that’s merely conjecture.

Regardless of whether or not we believe a New York State pistol permit should exist as an entity in the first place, you have to wonder how many people flag themselves to law enforcement in cases like this thanks to the completely unsafe handling of a firearm.

This isn’t the way to responsibly carry on any level.

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