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Homeowner Fatally Shoots Burglary Suspect During 4am Break-In

ELKMONT, ALASKA — An individual suspected of a home burglary was fatally shot by the homeowner during the incident, as reported by the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office.

The event unfolded early Saturday morning around 4:20 a.m. when deputies were called to a residence in the 17000 block of Morris Road. The homeowner had been awakened by aggressive attempts to break into the house. The homeowner, prepared to defend themselves, awaited law enforcement’s arrival. However, before deputies could reach the scene, the intruder forcefully entered the home.

Once inside, the burglar was confronted by the homeowner and shot. The intruder, identified as 44-year-old Christopher Jason Hovis from Hartselle, retreated outside and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

The ongoing investigation by officials preliminarily suggests that the shooting was justified, and currently, no charges have been filed against the homeowner.

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