Reason #5,393 to have a Gun at Home: Crazy Employee with Chainsaw

NEW BREMEN, NEW YORK — Picture this: You’re at home enjoying a relaxing night, minding your own business. Suddenly, a man enters your home with a running chainsaw and proceeds to cut down your door.

Something out of a horror movie, right?

In this case, reality struck this employer very quickly. One of his employees was behind the chainsaw, and he has a history of break-ins.

Kyle M. Poore, 29, was previously in jail for a break-in. That time-out lasted a year, and started in March of 2015. Not even being out of jail for a year, he decided to add a chainsaw to the equation this time around.

After cutting down the door, in a fashion I can only imagine to be similar to what happened in The Shining, Poore took off running. However before he left, damage was already done to the victim, who sustained severe cuts and ligament damage to his hand.

Poore was later apprehended by police and sent to jail on $15,000 cash bail. Seems a little low, as this man is clearly a danger to society. But hey, what do I know.

The takeaway? No one ever believes that a chainsaw-wielding man will come through their bedroom door… literally… and it’s one more reason to have a firearm handy for such straight-from-the-movies reality.

Some bad guys don’t learn, and they’ll keep being released and will (like in this case) come back and find another victim.

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