Can Your Holster Kill You? Or At Least Shoot A Hole Through Your Rear End?

It’s not as bad as this one, but it’s still bad.

A concealed carrier found his bum feeling like it was on fire after torching one off while holstering his firearm. The holster was a hybrid holster, made with a flexible backing that can be manipulated while holstering.

The blurry part in the middle of the above photo isn’t covering up a snake bite. Rather, it’s covering an entry and exit wound from a bullet.

John posted this over on his Instagram page with the following lessons:

  1. Holster your firearm slowly, reluctantly, and carefully. If there is ANY resistance to holstering, stop and assess!
  2. Having additional safety features is good. I use my thumb over the hammer on my gun. A manual safety can help (though I don’t like them for other reasons). A Striker Control Device on a Glock. Using the holstering procedure we teach on ASPX keeps the gun from ever pointing at yourself…though I see people point guns at themselves constantly while holstering.
  3. The sweat shield backer on a leather or non-reinforced synthetic hybrid is a point of catastrophic failure that doesn’t get talked about enough. Whether it’s problems like this, or it just folding over so that the shooter points the gun at themselves to get the muzzle into the holster opening, it’s one of the reasons I continue to say that they’re less than ideal.

This particular holster was an older AlienGear hybrid according to the source. That’s not really an issue, though I know people will ask.

Choosing a holster is serious business, and it should be one that encases the firearm on all sides with a hard shell that cannot be manipulated. That shell should be made specifically for your firearm and offer adequate retention, trigger cover and securability. That last one isn’t a word, but you get it.

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