Just One Can Ruin Everything: Intoxicated Man Found On Sidewalk With Concealed Firearm

These are the types of stories that bad laws are written from, and don’t hate me if I shred this guy to pieces.

Here’s the story, in a nutshell:

A Kenosha man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated after a police officer found him laying on a sidewalk.

According to a Kenosha Police report, and officer noticed a man lying on the sidewalk on the 2500 block of 63rd Street at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

The officer stopped to see if the man needed help, and found him conscious, breathing, and smelling very strongly of alcohol. The grip of a semi-automatic pistol was protruding from his pants pocket as he lay on the pavement.

The man, Paul W. Leach, Jr. 43, of Kenosha, told police he was walking home from a tavern. He had a concealed carry permit for the Glock handgun, which was fully loaded. Asked if he had been drinking, he said, according to the police report, “a lot, a lot.”

Later, according to the report, he told police “I was one liter of vodka in and the gun went in my pocket.”

He was cited with carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated and given a ride home by police.

Mr. Leach is an irresponsible gun owner. There’s no other way to put it. Thanks to his story, we now have one more location out in the interwebs for people against concealed carry to use against us. We can point out that it’s just one case out of millions of responsible gun owners across the country all day long, but that doesn’t matter. Numbers don’t matter when it comes to gun laws. What matters are the things that happen that they can, and do, use to restrict gun owners even more.

“City passes law that makes it a felony for a person to carry a gun while even just taking a sip of a beer.”

I’m not saying that anything will come of this, but what I am saying is this; If you’re going to be a gun owner, you can’t be irresponsible at the same time. They don’t ever mix, and they never will.

If you have that much of a drinking problem where the police find you on the sidewalk, unable to continue your walk, you should probably sell off your firearm collection. For everyone’s safety.

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