Man With Outstanding Warrants Attempts To Assault Gun Owner — Now He’s Got Two More Charges And A Gunshot Wound

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE —  A woman was forced to defend herself after she reasonably feared for her life and well-being following a man attempting to assault her. According to Chattanooga police, Dieshunn Lindsey first tried to stop her outside her apartment. When she tried to retreat, he pursued her and was shot.

Police have not charged the woman with any wrongdoing. Lindsey, the suspect in this case, already had outstanding warrants for his arrest in an unrelated case. Now he has another felony charge and reckless endangerment on top of the previous ones.

The Times Free Press did not mention whether the woman had a permit to carry a concealed handgun but, in Tennessee, the right to defend one’s self comes first. In a much older story, we covered a felon who shot an armed robber attempting to rob a clerk in a convenience store. Despite the man’s legal inability to possess a firearm, Knoxville police did not charge the man with possession of a firearm.

Tennessee is one of the states that truly respects an individual’s right to defend his or her life from an imminent threat. And, when dealing with a known fugitive with outstanding warrants, Lindsey really didn’t have much of a case to begin with.

This is why it’s important to carry that handgun with you at all times. We simply cannot know what day some bad guy somewhere decides we look like the perfect victim. It’s your use of a gun that challenges that poor assumption.

This woman didn’t feel like getting assaulted and being made a victim out in front of her own home. Who can blame her? She gave that man every opportunity to back off, cool off, or go figure out something else to do. When he went to grab her, that’s where she drew the line.

The line gets drawn when you feel someone presents an imminent threat against your life. When that line is passed, it’s time to defend yourself. With a concealed carry handgun, that may be a lot easier than trying to overpower an attacker. We’re glad she’s alright and, more importantly, there’s a guy who will be off the street for awhile.

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