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Homeowner Awakes To Violent Pistol Whipping By Thugs — Why Home Security Is Always A Priority

OCALA, FLORIDA — A homeowner awoke to the brunt force of a violent pistol whipping administered by up to four suspects. They are believed to have broken into the home in the early morning and began viciously beating the homeowner, demanding DJ equipment believed to be owned by the victim’s son.

“It was very early in the morning and the victims awoke to being beaten with pistols,” said Lauren Lettelier of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

According to WFTV News, the homeowner managed to grab a gun from one of his attackers and started firing. The suspects quickly fled the scene. One of them, Tobais Herring, was captured by deputies.

In their rush to escape, the thugs stole a TV, a crossbow, and some change, though authorities said they found some of the items while pursuing the trail.

Neighbors say the home is located in a rural neighborhood and events such as this are extremely uncommon.

Deputies believe that the criminals intended to steal the possessions to sell on the black market. These aren’t high value items they stole so it’s just a guess that they may have seen the homeowner’s son using DJ equipment and figured it would be worth their while to try to steal it.

A lot of effort and violence for no reward.

As for the homeowner, he is believed to be in good health. He was treated for his injuries.

This goes to show that violent home invasions can happen anywhere. Being woken up by the enemy already inside the home is such a dangerous thing. These guys definitely had no compunction about beating a man in his own home for no real tangible gain.

Would a gun, in of itself, have helped this man get out of this situation any better? Well, the one he picked off one of his assailants surely helped turn the tide but a gun can only help you if you’re able to maintain control of it.

The fact that these men were able to break in without awaking him is sure enough sign that home security is very lax.

We just assume no one will ever pick us for the next violent home invasion. As a gun owner, if I hear a door being broken down or a window smashed, I have a decent idea what to expect. But, if the bad guys are already inside the house, beating me… It’s just a bad situation.

Even though this is a predominantly concealed carry oriented website, I’d definitely like to stress the importance of locking doors and windows and installing a surveillance system so you have some idea who is trying to break into your home. It’s a touchy subject because no one likes being told he’s not doing a good enough job on the home security front, but if the home isn’t secure in the first place, it makes fighting back against intruders THAT MUCH HARDER.

Home defense and home security. It should involve a gun but there’s quite a number of other things that can help stack the deck in your favor. Be safe. Carry everyday and keep a gun nearby in the home.

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