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Armed Robber Enters Vehicle Of Armed Occupant, And Things Get Bad

LAWRENCE, INDIANA — An armed robber thought he was about to score some quick cash, and possibly a car, when he entered the vehicle of a man who was sitting outside of a strip mall.

First thing first; Lock your doors. It’s a shame that this guy was able to get into the vehicle in the first place, and it led to this:

The Indy Star reports that the driver told the suspect he did not have any money, then “hit the gas.” The driver then grabbed the suspect’s gun, in an attempt to take it away, and crashed into a nearby fence.

Both men then exited the vehicle, at which point Lawrence Police Department Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff says the driver pulled his own gun and opened fire.

The suspect fired as well and both men were struck during the gun fight. The driver was struck once, but that wound is not believed to be life-threatening. The robbery suspect was shot multiple times and is listed in serious condition.

We are grateful to hear that the target was carrying a firearm and able to defend himself, but we have to be cautious when we are sitting inside our vehicles.

Having the doors locked is an important step to deterring a robbery. If the bad guy had tried to open the unlocked door, that would give a few extra seconds to get out of there. Instead, the bad guy was able to get into the vehicle with ease.

Remember this the next time you are in a parking lot, stopped at a red light, or any other similar situations. It only takes a second for someone to catch you off guard and make entry into your vehicle.

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