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Mom Jumps Out Of Shower And Shoots Intruder Dead After Hearing Her Children Screaming

MILWAUKEE, WISONSIN — A Milwaukee mother was showering Monday morning when she heard her 12 and 14-year-old children screaming. She rushed into her bedroom to grab a gun and confronted a man in his thirties that was being attacked by her two dogs.

Even though her two pit bulls were putting up a fight, she told TMJ4 News, “he wouldn’t stop coming.”

The woman ran into the hallway, still dripping wet, and shot the home invader. He was dead when the police arrived, and she said, “It all happened so fast.”

Bushra Rahman is a local community activist that helped clean up the home after the encounter.

“She was scared because her children were there with her. She did what any mother would do — she defended her children. It was an act of self-defense.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has broken into her home. She purchased her firearm ten years ago after discovering a man sleeping under her son’s bed.

“In today’s day and age, with mental health and everything else that’s taking place in the world, I mean, you better protect yourself. To be honest, you have to.” Rahman said.

“I knew I’d be able to do it [shoot the intruder],” the woman said. “To protect my kids.”

According to news reports, the police initially arrested her, but after a few hours of questioning, they released her. This is a perfect example of why you do not speak to anyone except your attorney. It is hard to believe this would be an unjustified case of self-defense and talk about feeling vulnerable. Imagine jumping out of the shower naked and scrambling to protect yourself in your own home with two young kids. You have to give the lady credit for defending her family under some very unusual and stressful conditions. Kids screaming, dogs attacking the crook, and she had just jumped out of the shower.

If there were ever a scenario, you would joke about training for this would be it, but you can never have too much practice. This home break-in shows you that a bad guy can appear at any time and in any place.

By Brian Armstrong via USA Carry and republished with permission.

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