The Sig Sauer P226 is a full size pistol that has an excellent reputation for being the most reliable and accurate pistol ever made. Shooters from around the world have come to know the P226 as a beautiful and fine crafted piece of art along with the rugged durability needed for battle. This pistol has it all from the SigLite night sights, metal frame, custom grips to the SRT (short reset trigger). The P226 is a fine choice for a quality duty pistol or a beautiful addition in any firearm collection.

The Sig Sauer P226 ASE featured in this review is the newest addition to the P226 line up. At the time of this review, 12/07/16, this pistol has not made it on the Sig Sauer or TALO website for sale. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this newest P226 and I have to say, this handgun is amazing. This model is a TALO version of the P226 which has some features that are unlike any other P226 models. Let’s start with the “ASE.” The ASE stands for Alloy Stainless Elite. The “A” is for “Alloy” in which the frame is aluminum alloy that has a PVD coating which gives it a stainless look but it’s much lighter than their stainless steel frame. The “S” is for stainless steel which is the slide and barrel and the “E” is for “Elite” which basically means that it has the very best materials and features that Sig Sauer offers. What does all of this mean? It means the Sig Sauer P226 ASE has all of the quality components of a full stainless steel model but in a lighter package. To top it off, the P226 ASE should be a little less expensive than the full stainless models however the MSRP has not been revealed yet.


Caliber: 9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Action Type: Semi-Auto
Frame Size: Full Size
Frame Finish: Stainless PVD Coating
Frame Material: Alloy
Slide Finish: Stainless Steel
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Width: 1”
Accessory Rail: SIG Rail
Trigger: DA/SA SRT (Short Reset Trigger)
Trigger Pull DA: 10 lb
Trigger Pull SA: 4.4 lb
Barrel Length: 4.4”
Overall Length: 8.1”
Overall Width: 1.5”
Overall Height: 5.5”
Weight: 32.5 oz (my scale)

Another beautiful addition on the TALO model is the custom walnut grips. The grip features a single wood piece surrounding the handle enriched with a dark rosewood finish. It has deep diamond checkering on the grip panels along with an appealing “SIG” medallion in the center. It is definitely a thick grip as the girth feels wide however the thickness works well for this model. The grips offer beauty and function as the ergos feel just right.

The P226 ASE is a double action/single action pistol that has Sig’s signature “SRT” trigger action. SRT stands for Short Reset Trigger. The double action trigger pull is 10 pounds and the single action is 4.4 pounds. The trigger reset in single action is incredibly short. The trigger reset is approximately ⅛ of an inch travel which allows for extremely quick follow up shots. The P226 ASE is equipped with SigLite night sights. I have the same SigLite night sights on my Sig Sauer P220 which was made in 2010 and the sights are just as bright today as it was when I purchased the pistol.

The Sig Sauer P226 ASE is feature packed and precisely refined . It has an extended alloy beavertail for high hand placement on the grip. Sig calls it a “beavertail safety” which means the web of the hand is safe from the slide cycling when fired. The rear serrations are extremely deep cut which allows for a strong charge on the slide. The forend has front charging serrations that are cut just as deep but lower on the slide to allow for laser etching stating “Sig Sauer” on the left side and “P226 ELITE” on the right side. The lower forend has a 1913 rail to attach a light or laser. The decocker is located above the grip on the left side of the pistol approximately a half inch in front of the slide stop lever. Sig offers two quality made 15 round magazines with sight holes for loaded rounds. As stated in the “specs,” the P226 sports a 4.4 inch barrel making this full size pistol a popular duty handgun in which Sig claims one in three Law Enforcement Officers use the P226 while on duty.

Disassembling the Sig P226 ASE requires no tools and is easily managed. Once assuring the pistol is unloaded with the magazine removed, simply lock the slide back and push the front lever down to a vertical position. The slide can be removed from the frame upon release of the slide stop lever. There is also no need to pull the trigger to release. The uncaptured recoil spring/guide rod and barrel are then removed. To reassemble, simply perform the same steps in reverse order.

Shooting the Sig P226 was nothing short of excellent. It was as smooth as any handgun I have ever shot. The all metal frame along with the sturdy custom grips ate up any recoil the 9mm had to offer. My shooting accuracy with this pistol was beyond measure. Using a center hold while aligning the sights allowed me to make contact with my 10 inch target with ease. The short reset trigger was incredible. The quickness of the double taps were as rapid as any gun I have ever fired. The Sig Sauer P226 ASE pointed well, shot incredibly accurate and functioned exactly as I had hoped. I have shot many handguns in my life but shooting the P226 was amongst the best. Not only is this pistol beautiful, it’s prepared for combat. If for any reason someone cannot shoot the Sig P226 ASE well, they are in serious need of a shooting class.The Sig Sauer P226 ASE TALO model should be available very soon. I suggest to give this pistol a serious look. Whether you are a Sig Sauer fan or not, this handgun is guaranteed to please.

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