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Angry Idiot Doesn’t Get That Bat Doesn’t Beat Gun — Security Guard Forced To Defend Himself And Hotel Clerk

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A security guard fatally shot a man staying at a hotel after the man struck him with a baseball bat. The confrontation came to a head when the man, who was living at the hotel, began to yell at the front desk clerk. She attempted to retreat and got a baseball bat to protect herself. He took the bat away from her and struck her. When the security guard tried to intervene, he struck the guard. That’s when the guard used his gun to defend himself.

According to FOX 29 San Antonio News, the clerk had previously been in a relationship with her attacker. He was pronounced dead at the scene by San Antonio police. This all went down at a Fiesta Inn — a budget hotel located near a highway.

This is some convoluted thing that ended when a security guard was stuck in the midst of it. The clerk tried to defend herself and failed. Who the heck knows what would have happened if that armed security officer hadn’t been nearby?

As the holidays go on and plenty of Americans end up getting off the road to take a nap and a shower, we need to stay mindful of staying armed as well. It could just as easily be any of us stuck behind this violent idiot at the counter of some motel. Keep it easy, avoid conflict, but definitely make sure you keep your wits about you and have a gun on you.

Concealed carry or security officer, it’s not any of our job to fight unless our life is in danger. This security officer had a duty to protect himself and he did so. One less fool wandering around this world. But there will be others. Carry everyday, everywhere legally possible.

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