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Armed Robber Shot And Killed By Concealed Carrier In Las Vegas 7-Eleven

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — When an armed robber burst into a 7-11 in Las Vegas, one armed citizen knew he had seconds to save the lives of himself and others. Las Vegas police are crediting the fast actions of that armed citizen after he critically shot an alleged armed robber, 24-year-old Rashad Ryan.

According to Las Vegas CBS 8 News, one store clerk arrived scared, wondering the fate of his wife who was working behind the counter during the event. He told CBS 8 that he was terrified that the actions of Ryan could have jeopardized the future of his wife and his child.

“It’s scary, I could lose my girl, you know, for, I mean, just a simple job,” the clerk said.

Las Vegas police have not made a final decision on the justification behind the shooting that resulted in the serious injury and capture of the armed robber. The initial reports suggest that they are considering this an act of self-defense and investigating it from that perspective.

“That armed citizen took action, fired at that suspect, striking the suspect,” said Ann Cavaricci, North Las Vegas Police.

Police reaffirmed their position that the preferred response is to seek shelter and report to police, however we all know that’s not always possible.

“Obviously we would like people to call police and allow us to handle that and not put themselves in danger,” Cavaricci said. “In this case, there was an armed robbery going on and he felt that he needed to take action.”

Defending the lives of bystanders and the clerk, the armed citizen wins again.

It’s not without trepidation, though, that we report on these instances. The last thing we would want to do is encourage law-abiding gun owners and concealed carriers to jump into harm’s way on behalf of another. It’s a noble gesture but it can just as easily end with the gun owner or others being unintentionally harmed. That said, this man did it right.

Coming to the defense of others where imminent harm is clear and evident is a difficult decision for any gun owner. It could be just as easy to wait it out, hide, and hope police arrive in time. However, as many like-minded gun owners may wonder, how well can a man sleep well at night knowing he let a violent criminal brutally harm others right in front of him?

That’s something we all have to wrestle with. For some, the idea of their own children being raised without a father or a mother could be enough to help make that decision for them. For others, they know that it could just as easily be them facing down the barrel of a gun as some clerk in a 7-11.

Carry concealed everyday, everywhere you possibly can. Whether it’s a decision to evade, barricade, and contact authorities or to engage, your chances improve significantly when you have a ready means of deadly force at your disposal.

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