Florida Man Allegedly Shoots At Customers In Front Of Him In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

LAKELAND, FLORIDA — A woman is currently battling for her life after a shooting incident at a Lakeland McDonald’s drive-thru.

The tragic event occurred when 28-year-old Calvin Sousa grew impatient as Rebecca Hyde, 28, and David Tomer, 31, were attempting to resolve an issue with their order at the drive-thru window, according to 10 Tampa Bay.

The police report states that Sousa began honking his horn and yelling, which escalated into an altercation between the parties involved.

As the couple tried to exit the McDonald’s premises, Sousa fired multiple shots at their van.

The couple’s relative, Vanessa Tomer, expressed the shock and fear that the incident has caused the family.

She said, “You don’t even want to leave your house half the time, if I can go through a drive-thru and get shot that means you don’t really want to leave your house.”

Hyde is now in the ICU, fighting for her life, while the couple’s van was struck by gunfire nine to ten times.

Vanessa Tomer conveyed the distress of witnessing her family member in such a critical condition, stating, “To see all the machines and everything that’s keeping her going is really the worst part.”

This harrowing incident has left the family shaken and highlights the potential danger of seemingly mundane activities in a world where tempers can flare and result in life-threatening consequences. Lawfully carry every day, everywhere you can.

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