[VIDEO] *WARNING: GRAPHIC* Man Has Finger Impaled By Bullet Casing While Trying To Remove Primer

If you’ve got a queezy stomach, you may want to read another article.

While floating around Facebook, one of my friends had posted a few pictures of one of his buddies who recently had an unfortunate accident. Working at a reloading facility, the man was working a machine that was removing primers from bullet casings.

Long story short, the man’s finger found its way into the wrong location while the machine was operating, and the result was a bad day.

My friend explains, “Basically, he didn’t remove his finger after adjusting the decapping pin before hitting the go button. The pin, which goes down inside the piece of brass, went through the meaty side of his finger, and pushed his fingernail down on top of the brass. He was pinned there. Impaled. One side with a ring, the other side with a pin.”


This guy is tough, though. Not only was he stuck, but he also had to back out the machine from his finger. Meanwhile, a co-worker just feet away was unaware of what was happening. The man remained calm and collected, even under the circumstances.

The end result was a trip to the hospital, and you can see the attempt to remove the casing in the video at the top of this article. That method, though, wasn’t enough to get it out. The final solution was to find a pair of pliers to get that firm hold.

If you’re brave, take a look at the photos below that were snapped to remind us all that accidents do happen, and to always be cautious when operating heavy machinery.

As a side note, this impaled man is the same man who roams the earth with a bullet lodged in his chest, right beside his heart. Back in 2013, the man was a victim of an armed home invasion during which he wrestled the two armed men and was shot. Though his injuries were considered life-threatening, he made it through the ordeal.

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