Man Shoots A Fugitive From Justice At His Door, And Now He May Face Murder Charges…


SPARROWBUSH, NEW YORK — A man awaits trial after the shooting death of man wanted for raping a 14-year-old girl in Rockland County. Norris Acosta Sanchez, 35, was killed after being shot in the face with a 12-gauge shotgun in a situation that the defendant alleges was done purely out of self-defense. He initially reported Sanchez to authorities and the police in the area failed three times to capture Sanchez despite his outstanding warrants.

According to the New York Post, Sanchez was working as a handyman for a family in the suburbs of Rockland County back in 2013 when the sex crime took place. He was a Spanish citizen in the country under a work visa and was caught on wiretap admitting to having sex with a 14-year-old girl in that household. The grandmother submitted that recorded conversation to authorities.

The young teen was “after me for a year,” he told the grandma. “Under the law, I did a crime. But in her body, she is a woman.”

On that wiretap, he admitted that what he did was a crime and he refused to go to jail.

“Once I turn myself in, there is no going back,” he told the grandma. “Let me make one thing clear: I am not going to jail for one day … I don’t want to obey the laws of this country.”

When the man who shot him first met Sanchez, Sanchez was on the run and staying in a cabin nearby the man’s home. Sanchez even did odd-job gigs for the man which included helping tutor one of the man’s three sons whom were all homeschooled.

They initially were believed to be on good terms until Sanchez admitted he introduced himself under the false name ‘Daniel’ and gave the reason why he was hiding out.

After that, the defendant correctly reported him to the police.

“I haven’t been honest with you,” he told the couple, giving his real first name and admitting he was on the run for sex with an underage girl. “He made it out like he’s the victim,” the defendant told cops after the killing.

They alerted nearby Deerpark police of the situation and the Deerpark police hatched a half-baked plan to capture Sanchez while he was in the car with the man’s wife. This included a plan for the wife to speed over the speed limit and be pulled over, whereby they would identify and arrest the suspect. The cops never showed up.

The homeowner then offered to repeat the ploy and the Deerpark police finally showed. They pulled over the homeowner with Sanchez in the passenger’s seat and Sanchez gave a fake name. He then offered to give his “real ID” if the police would only follow him back to his cabin. They complied and Sanchez was driven back in the homeowner’s car without handcuffs. Upon arriving back at the place, Sanchez escaped into the woods and police did not pursue.

Now there was a fugitive on the loose in vicinity of this man’s home. Sanchez still did not suspect the homeowner or his family of being complicit in his arrest attempts.

via NY Post

That evening, [the homeowner] rummaged through a box Norris had stored in his garage. It had condoms, lubricant, a Brooklyn Public Library book on becoming a child-protective services specialist, and a Progressive car-insurance card for Norris Acosta Sanchez.

Finally, the Deerpark police took it seriously.

“I’m so freaked out about this,” the wife said in a call to state police that night after taking the kids to stay with a neighbor. “Why is this not being taken more seriously?” The trooper was not alarmed. “You might stop watching CSI stuff,” he told her.

The state troopers got a ‘no-knock’ warrant and raided Sanchez’s cabin in the woods. The troopers were backed up by Orange County deputies and Deerpark police. They had a helicopter, night-vision goggles, and everything they could possibly need to hunt this fugitive down.

Surprise, surprise, Sanchez was nowhere to be found.

The man had a 12-gauge shotgun and prepared to defend his home. That’s what any of us would do. Unfortunately, it’s how he went about doing it.

Let’s keep this short.

  • Sanchez was a known fugitive on the run for sexually violating a minor.
  • The police of Deerpark were enormously incompetent in the handling of this case despite the efforts of the homeowner to find a peaceable conclusion to this case.
  • Police were wildly ineffective at every single turn on capturing this fugitive from justice.
  • The homeowner told the fugitive to meet him around the back door. That may show ‘pre-meditation’.

The homeowner has three sons, himself, and his wife to defend. He knew it would be up to him to defend them.

When Sanchez showed up, he was visibly agitated and banged on the homeowner’s door. The homeowner had a 12-gauge Remington 870 and told Sanchez to come to the back door. It was there that he allegedly shot him.

The State of New York will try to argue that this is murder and for that, the homeowner may face the rest of his life in prison.

For gunowners and concealed carriers, let this be a warning on precisely how you intend to defend your home. If a threat is at your door, deal with it and make sure the next phone call you make is to your defense attorney.

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