One Mother Knows That Real Monsters Don’t Hide Under The Bed — That’s Why She Has A Gun


WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA — One o’ clock in the morning, three kids asleep, a knock on the window from a strange creep… A mother heard someone rattle the window at one in the morning. With three little children inside, she got her gun as she told the news she wasn’t expecting any visitors. She cracked open the door and saw a man she loosely recognized. She correctly concluded that he could only be there for one thing.

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“I know him and we had never hung out alone and the fact that you’re coming to my door late at night, who does that? In my opinion, there’s only one thing you want and I’m not giving it up willingly,” Jackson said.

According to her testimony, once the two made eye contact, he rushed up the stairs towards the door and tried to force his way in. She shot him once in the stomach. 27-year-old Martiez Holmes fled the scene but was identified and apprehended by police.

“He’s got to go, it’s either me or him,” Jackson said. “I got three kids in there if I let him in there’s no telling what could happen.”

Faced with a decision between her life and the welfare of her three little children or the well-being of some stranger she barely recognized, she correctly chose life. Him, on the other hand, there’s no saying what his vested interest in this game truly was. He was captured and attempted to give the police a false name. They correctly figured out his name soon enough and now he’s getting that charge on top of conspiracy to commit burglary.

In so far as the woman’s actions, police have correctly ruled that they were completely justified.

Asst. Chief John Wagner of the Warner Robins Police Department explained that this case has all the earmarks of a proper defensive gun use situation.

“If you believe your life or a third parties life is in imminent danger of death you may use deadly force,” Wagner said. “If you put yourself in [Jackson’s] shoes would you do the same thing? We feel at that moment in time or as the case was investigated, yes, that’s what would indeed happen.”

Who is going to argue over a mother’s desire to protect herself, her family, and her home from a thug? Thankfully, no one at the Warner Robbins Police Department.


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