Springfield Armory Introduces Their New Springfield XD® MOD.2™


We’ve been teased for a while now that Springfield had something up their sleeve, and today we finally know what they’ve been working on. After the popularity of their XD line, Springfield has given the line an upgraded look and feel, and it all looks great from here.

The email landed in our inbox around 1:15am this morning and brought us to a link with all the awesome details.

For now, it looks like this new style is only available for the 9mm and 40S&W sub-compact models. We would imagine that more will be affected in the future, but that’s speculation at the moment.

Here is the information from the product page:


When picking up the Mod.2™, shooters will find that critical aspects of the design have been fine-tuned. Mod.2™ ergonomics are a next-level experience that you have to feel to believe and understand. The entire interface between the shooter and the gun has been updated, while retaining the Point-and-Shoot characteristics that made it famous. Key features have been tweaked and enhanced to further enable effortless shooting. And you’ll find that the overall package is now more concealable as well.


Achieve easier and faster target acquisition with the fiber optic front sight.


The rear sight on the Mod.2™ is low profile, snag free, and holster friendly.


A more pronounced rear serration makes racking the slide effortless.


The Mod.2™ has a slimmer slide for concealability and more comfortable carry.



Higher hand positioning toward the barrel’s bore axis reduces felt recoil when firing.


Works in unison with the High-Hand™ Beavertail to reduce felt recoil.



The Mod.2™ frame has been re-contoured, a slimmer frame adds up to a more natural grip.


A slim disassembly lever makes for a streamlined, holster friendly design.


Every time you pick up an XD® Mod.2™ pistol, you’ll enter the GripZone™. And while you’re there, your shooting experience will change in ways you might not notice. Industry leading ergonomics are like that. A tool should be so easy to use that you don’t even think about it until you set it down with the dawning realization that you didn’t have to work against it.

But what is the GripZone™? Simply put, it’s every surface on the frame that makes contact with your hand. The GripZone™ has been carefully, intentionally designed to combine multiple principles of biomechanics in order to enhance your shooting experience.

First, the circumference of the frame has been reduced to augment the shooter’s grip. The grip has been completely re-contoured to better fit the hand. Grasp performance is enhanced because the hand has to stretch less in order to maintain control of the pistol. This new, optimally shaped and sized radius is small enough to maximize your ability to hold the gun with minimal effort. At the same time, it’s large enough and shaped such that your hand will feel naturally positioned, allowing you to maintain a Point and Shoot experience.

A fundamental of good shooting is consistency, and it’s hard to be consistent when your grip changes from shot to shot. Thus, the second element of the GripZone™ is that it targets three distinct areas or zones of contact for increased friction. On the frame of the pistol you will find three specifically molded textures, each placed exactly where your hand needs it the most in order to keep the pistol from shifting. Zones 1 and 2 have textures that are nearly indistinguishable to the naked eye, yet are different enough that they are placed to have specific effects. Zone 1 has two important contact point’s on the frame which correspond to the palm of the hand and the second joint of the fingers. Zone 2 is a more aggressive texture designed to make maximum contact with the hand, yet not too aggressive to the touch. Zone 2 is intended to make contact with your hand where maximum friction is needed..These two Zones were identified by our engineers as the parts of the hand/pistol boundary where added slip-resistance would be the most beneficial. Zone 3 covers the rest of the frame, and you will find that it is textured to supplement the positive purchase created by the first two Zones.

GripZone™ has improved grasp performance and stickier grip characteristics resulting in your hand being less prone to torque, wrench and flip from the pistol when shooting. The pistol will naturally tend to stay in position due to the increased traction of the innovative textures. Additionally, you’ll be applying less force to the frame. This is ergonomic science applied where it matters most – to the interface of the shooter and the firearm.


Zone One features a firm anti-slip surface texture. This enables positive hand to pistol engagement with the corresponding more sensitive parts of the hand.


Zone Two is more aggressively textured, yet still comfortable to the touch. This Zone is intended to make contact with your hand where maximum friction is needed. It works in combination with Zone One and does the most to keep the pistol in place and under contol during recoil. Despite its impressive performance, Zone Two remains amazingly comfortable.


Zone Three covers all other areas of the frame. This moderately textured surface supplements the performance of Zones One, and Two.

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