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Ex-Employee Stabs 2 Inside Barbershop, One Victim Was Armed And Shoots Suspect Dead

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — An ex-employee of a barbershop went back to visit, and only had ill intentions in mind. Police say he went into the shop Friday evening and started an altercation which led him to stab an employee. When another employee tried to intervene, the suspect stabbed him as well.

The second man stabbed went and grabbed a firearm and shot the suspect. The suspect was hit and collapsed just outside the barbershop.

Both barbers who were stabbed are expected to recover. “Our barbers are okay and safe, just healing today,” read a sign posted Saturday outside the shop.

Carrying at work is a thing, and when events unfold quickly, how quickly are you able to get to your firearm? The employee who shot the suspect retrieved a gun, but it wasn’t clear where the gun was. If it were on his person, it should have been presented when the first person was being stabbed. If it were in another location, again, it should have been retrieved when the first person was being stabbed.

Things happen quickly, and that’s why we promote on-body carry whenever possible. It gives you the quickest access when you need it, while keeping it on your person so you always know you’re in control over the firearm.

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