You always know what the hottest handgun on the market is based how many people are comparing it to a Glock 19. We talk about reliability, accuracy, ergonomics and comfort to carry, if it measures up to a Glock 19, people get very excited real quick. I think this is one of the driving factors that explains the overwhelming popularity of the Sig Sauer P320. Not only is it being compared to a Glock 19 but this handgun is converting many loyal Glock owners over to it’s side. I’m not saying the Sig P320 is any better or worse than a Glock 19, but the increase in popularity and positive reviews cannot be ignored. Plus, the millions of Sig Sauer fans finally have a polymer frame striker fired handgun they can add to their collection or EDC.

When I held a friend’s Sig P320 I realized how quality built it was. It looked great, felt solid and the trigger pull and reset was amazing. The ergonomics were so nice it felt like I was shaking someone’s hand with the grip. For a double stack magazine that holds 15 rounds for the compact model (other model sizes vary) it sure had a nice feel. HK handguns have the market cornered on excellent ergonomics but this Sig P320 measures up well and to say the least, this gun is impressive.


Caliber: 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, .45ACP
Action Type: Striker Fired DAO
Trigger Pull DA: 5.5 ­ 7.5 lbs
Overall Length: 7.2 in / 183 mm
Overall Height: 5.3 in / 134 mm
Overall Width: 1.4 in / 35.5 mm
Barrel Length: 3.9 in / 99 mm
Sight Radius: 5.8 in / 147 mm
Weight w/Mag: 25.8 oz / 731 g
Mag Capacity: 9mm 15 Rounds, .357 SIG 13 Rounds, .40 S&W 13 Rounds, .45ACP 9 Rounds
Sights: SIGLITE® Night Sights or Standard 3­Dot
Grips: Interchangeable Polymer
Accessory Rail: Yes
Frame Finish: Black Polymer
MSRP: $628.00­$713.00

I picked up the Sig P320 compact for $505 at my local gun store. It was an all black model with standard three dot sights. It came with a nice hard case, two 15 round magazines, outside the waistband holster and a lock. If I opted for the flat dark earth model with night sights, the price would be $80 to $100 more.

One of the features that make the Sig P320 unique is its modular design. This allows the user the maximum in flexibility to change the caliber, frame size and fit. It basically means that one could remove the gun’s serialized internal stainless steel fire control mechanism and install it on a different size polymer frame or change the gun’s caliber itself. It would cost only $46 to change the frame size based on the Sig Sauer website. To change the caliber, Sig Sauer offers a “Caliber X­Change Kit” which includes a barrel, slide, recoil spring/guide rod and a magazine. The cost of the “X­Change Kit” is $399 and it is shipped with SIGLITE night sights.

The grip is well textured like a heavy grit sandpaper surrounding the entire grip. It offers a full three finger purchase without finger grooves. It has a rather bulky feel but not too thick for people with smaller hands. The 15 round magazine fits flush to the bottom of the grip and the magazine release button is a serrated triangular piece that is positioned to easily manipulate. The magazine release button can be reversed to the opposite side of the frame making this gun left hand friendly. The magazine deployment is strong which is especially nice for quick mag changes for training, competition or defensive purposes.


The slide stop lever on the Sig P320 is ambidextrous and the slide itself is a nitron finish. The slide has both rear and front serrations with a fairly deep cut for charging the gun. The P320 also has a full 1913 four slot rail for accessories.


One of the main features that really is impressive is the trigger. The double action trigger has minimal travel leading up to a solid break. The reset is short for follow up shots and doubles taps. The Sig Sauer website states the trigger poundage ranges from 5.5 ­ 7.5 pounds but in my estimation, I would would call it a solid 6 lbs. I’ve noticed that several guys switched the standard curved stock trigger for the flatter Apex trigger. Although the Apex trigger seems like a nice option, I’m perfectly happy with the Sig trigger offered.


Disassembling the Sig P320 requires no tools and is easily managed. Simply by locking the slide back and pushing the front lever down to a vertical position, the slide can be removed from the frame upon release of the slide stop lever. There is also no need to pull the trigger to release. The captured recoil spring/guide rod and barrel are then removed. To reassemble, simply do the same steps in reverse order.

Prior to purchasing the Sig P320, I did my research by watching videos and reading articles. I noticed one thing in particular. Just about everyone said their shooting impressions of the P320 were excellent. When I made it to the range with my Sig P320, I was amazed with it’s smooth shooting and accuracy. I was hitting a 6”x 6” iron target from 12 yards with ease. The large 3­dot sights made target acquisition easy and the light and smooth trigger pull felt great. The P320 shot the three different brands of ammo ammo I fed it with ease.

Overall, I have to say the Sig Sauer P320 is a winner. The modular design and options available allow for a quality multipurpose handgun. Many of the followers on my youtube channel say they carry the P320 with ease and several mentioned it’s their wives favorite handgun. This tells me, along with my own experiences, the Sig P320 offers a multitude of uses however when it comes down to it, the gun is just a dang good shooter.

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