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Missouri Burglary Suspect’s Accomplice Charged With His Death After Intended Victim Opens Fire

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI — The accomplice of a suspect killed in a St. Louis burglary attempt is facing murder charges in his death.

The incident occurred in the 10000 block of Riverview Drive at around 4:20 pm. Per a St. Louis police probable cause affidavit, the suspect, identified as Katrell McCurry, was encouraged by 31 year old Tierra Gines to burglarize the home of an acquaintance she was visiting. Gines had texted McCurry and stated there was money and guns at the location. McCurry was shot multiple times by the resident as he attempted the burglary. McCurry was taken to an area hospital where he later died.

The burglary victim, an unidentified 37 year old male was initially detained in the shooting. He was later released when it was determined he was acting under Missouri’s “castle doctrine” law. Gines was charged with second degree murder in McCurry’s death as well as first degree burglary.

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