A township man who was shot in the abdomen during an apparent domestic-related incident Monday night died a short time later in surgery, one week before his 25th birthday, Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said Tuesday. While circumstances involving the death of Seifuddin Collier remained under investigation, Chitwood said they have identified the alleged gunman and he is claiming self-defense. The superintendent did not release the name of the alleged 21-year-old gunman because he has not been charged with a crime. “This is an ongoing investigation,” Chitwood said.

Panic By Way Of Freezing. Security Guard Fires Shot And Shoppers Don’t Know What To Do.


Everyone reacts differently to situations. Some take action while others simply freeze. It’s not of great concern in some instances, such as a time where a threat isn’t part of the equation. The example in this article isn’t necessarily a threat to those in the store, but it could have been.

A suspected shoplifter was confronted by an armed security guard at a grocery store, and things heated up quickly.

The armed security guard confronted the man and noticed he had what appeared to be a gun, police said. The security guard shot the man in the ankle during a brief struggle, police said.

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A witness said that he saw the man “waving something” in the air while inside the store, and that the security guard told the man to drop his gun half a dozen times.

After the shot went off, some customers inside the store went into freeze mode. They simply didn’t know what to do or how to react. Maybe they didn’t realize what was happening?

According to the witness, at least some yelling was taking place when the guard was telling the man to drop his gun. I can’t say for certain, I guess, but it would at least seem to be something that would draw the attention of others in the immediate area.

“I could see that the whole store was shaken up. Some people did not know where to go or what to do,” the witness said.

Recognizing that things are off is important, and that’s why we should always be paying attention to the things going on around us. Figuring out any level of danger, after hearing something like yelling or a gunshot, should be high on the priority list. That and getting yourself away from the situation.

The suspected shoplifter was taken to the hospital for injuries to his ankle.

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