12-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed In Murder-Suicide At 7-Eleven In Florida

DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA — Late Thursday night, a shooting ended in a murder-suicide that claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy. According to Broward County deputies, a man opened fire on another man in a parked vehicle outside a 7-Eleven. After injuring the adult victim, the gunman entered the convenience store and shot the young boy before taking his own life.

Deputies found two people dead from gunshot wounds and an adult victim who was still alive. The injured victim was taken to the hospital for treatment, but we don’t have any updates on their condition. The Broward Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the situation, and we don’t know the motive behind the shooting yet.

It’s a stark reminder that tragedy can strike anywhere, at any time. Incidents like this underscore the importance of being prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones. While we don’t know all the details surrounding this particular shooting, it’s a sobering reminder that we can’t rely solely on the authorities to keep us safe.

As always, we urge our readers to take their safety seriously and to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families. We’ll continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

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