Think That’s How The Bad Guy Got Into The Safe? Nope. That’s How The Firefighters Got The Kid Out.

If you took a look at the image above and first thought a safe robber was responsible for that break-in, you’d be wrong. It was actually a couple of fire fighters who cut it open, after responding to a call of a child trapped inside a safe.

It happened in Howard County, Maryland on Tuesday around Noon, and the child’s mother frantically called for help.

When help arrived, they initially drilled holes into the safe to make sure that the child could get air, and they called a locksmith for help.

Looking at their own resources, however, they ended up using the jaws of life and a few other tools to free the child. All of the tools used are typically used to free people from car crashes.

The hole cut into the safe was just large enough for the child to make entrance back into the world, likely never going near a large safe again.

It’s important to note that no firearms were inside the safe at the time.

Some things to note when young children are present:

  • Keep your safe(s) locked when not in immediate use
  • Teach your children about firearm safety
  • Keep items out of reach that you don’t want them having access to

I’m not quite sure how the child was able to lock himself inside the safe, but nonetheless it happened. Upwards of 40 minutes was spent inside the safe, and I’m happy to hear that the outcome was one of the better ones.

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