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Elderly Man Shoots And Kills Home Invader In San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — One elderly couple had to deal with a home intruder who wouldn’t back down. This attack occurred in broad daylight in a nice area of San Antonio. The elderly man heard someone trying to break through the front door. He called out and pleaded with the assailant to stop. His wife got on the phone with police and informed them of the situation. When the man refused to heed the homeowner’s request, the homeowner put one shot with his revolver through the front door — striking the intruder dead in the chest.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Troy Dell Wilson, 42, died at the scene. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate but confirmed Wilson was already dead. The homeowner and his wife were safe and San Antonio police expressed thanks to the man for calling them, telling them he was armed, and handling the situation well.

Express-News’ writer questioned whether or not the homeowner was legally licensed to own a gun. In Texas, one does not need a license to own a handgun or use it to defend himself on his own property.

Whether or not the man had a license to carry is so outside the point that we are forced to wonder in what world do people think the defense of one’s own home, family, and self requires a special permit. Well, maybe in New Jersey — but this is Texas.

In Texas, a person can use deadly force to protect his own life from a threat and he can also use it to stop another person from committing a violent felony on another. Defending your own home shouldn’t require special permission from anyone but we would like to commend the homeowner and his wife for taking the correct course of action.

  • Inform police
  • Take up a good defensive position
  • Use deadly force when the intruder persists

When police arrive on any scene, these guys are tasked from quickly telling friend from foe in a variety of ambiguous scenarios. They definitely appreciate knowing that a homeowner is armed.

The news article doesn’t mention whether or not the intruder was armed — but it really doesn’t matter. A person willing to break down the door to another’s home even after getting a fair warning is someone who isn’t afraid to use violence to achieve his means. In that case, deadly force is preferable to victimization.

Good work, homeowner. One less bad guy.

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