Man Aquitted Of Murder Charges Under ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA — Having a burglary at your home is awful, as anyone who has ever faced the situation will tell you. It is all the worse when you walk on it in the middle of the event.

That was exactly what happened to one California homeowner, who was reportedly forced to fire on the burglary suspect after he was shot at by the thug.

As KABC reports:

Authorities said around 12:41 a.m. a resident in the 1600 block of Brindisi Way reported coming home and finding his front door open.

The resident told authorities as he approached the door, the burglary suspect shot at him from inside the house. The homeowner then grabbed a gun from his car and shot at the suspect through the front door. That is when the homeowner called police, authorities said.

Authorities arrived and set up a perimeter around the home, believing the suspect barricaded himself inside the house. When authorities did not receive a response, a robot was used to check the house. The house was cleared and authorities began investigating the scene. It was determined the homeowner may have interrupted a burglary in progress. It was unclear if the suspect was struck.

What an awful situation.

It’s another reason why carrying — open or concealed — is better than just keeping a firearm for home defense, and we all know someone who does exactly that.

If someone who only kept their firearms in their home, instead of carrying, had been confronted with this situation, they would have been in major league trouble. Not only would the guy not have been armed — the thug would be in a better position to get his gun that he was.

We can’t have that now, can we?

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