Father Arrested For Shooting, Killing Driver Who Killed His Son In Tragic Accident

TIMBERLAKE, NORTH CAROLINA — A father, Chad Woods, is under arrest after allegedly shooting a driver who had struck and killed his 17-year-old son with a vehicle in Person County, North Carolina. According to the sheriff’s office, Woods’ family had run out of gas on Dink Ashley Road and were walking home when the tragic accident occurred.

The driver, identified as Jeffrey McKay, a worker for the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction, called 911 after hitting the boy at around 6:30 a.m. on Monday. After the incident, Woods reportedly took out a gun and shot McKay dead, subsequently taking McKay’s car and driving back home.

Authorities stated that Woods later threw the firearm into a nearby pond. Divers have been searching for the weapon, but it has not yet been found. The search will continue on Tuesday morning.

Woods has been charged with second-degree murder and larceny of a motor vehicle. McKay, the driver who was shot and killed, had been driving a vehicle belonging to the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction at the time of the accident. He worked as an electrical supervisor in central engineering.

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