Guy Finds Live Round In Yard, Wants To Dispose Of It So Kids Don’t Find It, Hits It With Hammer And ‘Shoots’ Himself

What can I say. I feel like I’ve covered every type of ridiculous story already, but continue to be amazed on the daily.

Today’s ridiculous story comes in the form of what not to do if you’d like to dispose of a live round.

The man in the video below found a .22 cartridge in his yard, and didn’t want his kids finding it and possibly getting injured. So, he grabs a hammer and disposes of it. Into his gut.

While his injuries weren’t life-threatening, his decisions were simply stupid.

When the projectile is coming out of a casing with no barrel to guide it with pressure, it can literally go anywhere. BUT, it’s not going to be traveling like it would out of a barrel.

Still, it’s probably in everyone’s best interest to not hit a live round with… anything.

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