MSNBC Polls Public On Open Carry… America Answers Correctly


A recent MSNBC poll that garnered nearly 535,000 responses is making the rounds on the internet. In it, a traditionally liberal news outlet asked whether or not the public felt comfortable with guns being carried openly.

Over 92% of the respondents said they were completely okay with that.

That’s how it should be.

At Concealed Nation, we predominantly discuss concealed carry topics and issues to engender responsible discussion and learning. However, we’ve got absolutely nothing against open carry.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need guns.

In an ideal society, though, we would see guns for what they are — tools that keep us safe from bad guys.

We live in a not-so-ideal world facing some rather hard times. And in the gun community, there are definitive reasons to carry concealed versus openly.

However, there should be nothing shocking or scary about seeing a man or woman walking down the street with a handgun openly carried on the belt.

For those who get frightened when they see a gun, they need to go to a range and get some experience. People who shoot guns responsibly understand that a gun in the right hands is a good thing and a gun in the wrong hands is a bad thing.

Bad guys will get their hands on guns, knives, and all sorts of tools that can hurt or even kill other people. Good guys can use those same tools — and that’s what we’d prefer.

Tell us your thoughts on open carry in public. Do you get weird looks or do people seem to get that you’re just a good guy going about your business?

Let us know in the comments below.

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