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[CCW IN ACTION] Permit Holder Shoots At Man And Woman After Being Assaulted

CINCINNATI, OHIO — This is why it pays to carry concealed every day, where-ever possible by law. A lone concealed carrier was allegedly assaulted by a man and two women in an undisclosed location near North Hill College. When police arrived, they found the victim of the assault near the scene with his valid concealed carry permit and his firearm. He complied with their requests and was taken to the station for questioning. The assailant that was wounded by the bullet had fled the scene along with his accomplices.

via Cincinnati’s Enquirer

“[The concealed carrier] stated he was scared, he may have [had] a weapon and fired one round from his firearm at the (male) victim,” the North College Hill police release said.

The guy who got shot was taken to the hospital and questioned by police. There have been no further reports of this investigation but police are reporting it as a defensive gun use subject to oversight by the local prosecutor’s office.

Defensive gun use events are rarely a simple matter. There’s a whole host of factors from the assailants to the situation itself. The biggest factor you can’t always control for is your own recollection of the events themselves.

One important lesson is knowing that post-defensive gun use, your brain chemistry is extremely different than it was prior to the incident. There’s a hormone called Cortisol and your system is flooded with it as a reaction to the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain.

That hormone has been attributed with temporary changes of the crystalline lens on your eyeballs. Based upon our present understanding of this hormone and its reaction with people, it is thought that Cortisol can help you with visual acuity but it can also affect memories and the way you recall events. It’s always best to advise law enforcement that the statements you are making of the incident are based upon your present best understanding of the situation and may be subject to verification. Your attorneys and legal team, if necessary, will likely appreciate this because a lot of a case will be hinged upon those initial statements you make to police. If you are ever uncertain about your memories or the chain of events leading up to a defensive gun use, please do consult with an attorney — it’s both your right and a good idea.

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