Armslist: We Don’t Need Eye Protection When Shooting; Why They’re In The Wrong

Our buddies over at TTAG recently shared a video from some folks at Armslist where they discuss why they don’t always wear eye protection while shooting.

In a nuthshell, they say it comes down to personal choice. Like wearing a helmet when riding a bike, or the decision to smoke cigarettes. And they’re right.

Where they’re wrong, though, is in this arena: as a prominent website in the firearms industry, we should always be promoting the best safety practices when handling firearms. ALWAYS, and without exception. That’s my opinion, just like theirs. But once Concealed Nation was big enough to make a real difference, I learned quickly of the importance of providing the best information out there.

Saying that you don’t always need eye protection when shooting is not the best information.

They make a comment about how users will comment frequently about their lack of eye protection. Then later on, they discuss the good old days when people used to be free to do as they wish. While we’re in agreement that you can do as you wish, because after all they’re your eyes, discussing a safety practice as elementary as eye protection on a large pro-gun site is irresponsible. To me.

Near the end of the video, one of the Armslist guys says something that made me lolzzz in my seat;

The chances of something blowing up in your face are very very small.

So are the chances of needing to use your firearm in self-defense, but we still carry. And don’t forget why: Preparedness.

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