Robber With Knife No Match For Intended Victim With Gun: Gets Free Ride To Jail

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — One armed robber picked the wrong person to stick up as he allegedly approached a parked pick-up truck outside a restaurant late one Sunday night.

According to police reports filed from the scene, the robber approached the man sitting in his truck and held him at knife point with a six inch blade. He demanded his gold necklace, to which the driver complied, and then retrieved his gun from his center console and leveled it at the thief. The criminal took off running and sought shelter in a nearby restaurant while the gun owner got on the phone with police.

As the Sun Sentinel reports, the robber was apprehended and taken into custody. He was arraigned and his bail set at $7,500. He is being charged with armed robbery and is still in jail as of this report.

This gun owner followed reasonably good steps to notify the police and conduct himself responsibly while the thief was more than kind enough to wait around for police to arrive.

This is how it’s done. Responsible carrying of a firearm and no more use of force than is necessary to protect one’s life and secure one’s valuables. Nobody should have to fear from some thug because he or she walks around with some jewelry. If thugs don’t like that, they’re about to realize the game just got a bit harder.

Carry responsibly, every where, every day.

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