Homeowner Shoots Suspect Fleeing From Police Chase


WASILLA, ALASKA — One man with badgers on his tail in the Alaskan scruff, gunning up above twice the posted speed limit of 25 mph, decided he was going to try his luck out-running Alaska’s finest. Turns out, his Ford Ranger wasn’t up for the task. So this one criminal decided he was going to try his luck by plowing through a home owner’s property.

That home owner picked up real quick that this guy was being chased by police and told him, nicely, to stop. That’s the thing about Alaska — a person asks you kindly to stop while you’re on his or her property, you do it. Or you take your chances. This criminal took his chances and ploughed right on through, bowling the home owner over on his way to escape to some sort of preconceived notion of freedom.

Well, the home owner didn’t take too kindly to being knocked over on his own property while trying to stop a violent felony from occurring so he protected his own life and property and shot that bad guy right in the leg.

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, the home owner had not only shot the leg out from under the running criminal, he had his gun holstered by the time Alaska troopers arrived.

As one would figure, no charges were filed against the home owner. The dumb-dumb in question is under arrest for:

  1. Drug-based DUI
  2. Felony eluding
  3. Reckless driving and endangerment
  4. Passing a school bus with its red lights activated
  5. Violating conditions of his release
  6. Fourth-degree counts of assault
  7. Controlled substance misconduct

Seven — seven charges against one man. All for trying to out run the cops after acting the fool and then having the idiot idea to try to bull-run a home owner on his own property.

That said, I think we may all agree the home owner acted quite accordingly. That’s what happens when you’re prepared and carrying every day — on and off the property.

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