Brad Pitt, Celebrity And Gun Owner, Joins Brady Campaign’s Fight For More Gun Control


I take back what I’ve said about Brad Pitt.

The iconic movie star has been a gun owner since the age of six, has a shooting range on his property, and learned early on to have a “deep respect for the weapon”.

But that’s not stopping him from co-chairing an upcoming Brady Campaign event.

The Brady Center 2016 Bear Awards Gala in Los Angeles event is an awards ceremony in which people pushing for gun control get awarded for doing just that. Under a ‘safer America’ tag, of course.

As a gun owner, we invite Mr. Pitt to join us in our quest to truly make a safer America by providing useful information to gun owners and soon-to-be gun owners, and by promoting safety and responsibility to the millions of gun owners out there.

We invite Mr. Pitt to share the self-defense stories that we share on a daily basis that proves time and time again, that the law-abiding citizens of this Country are defending themselves each and every day.

We invite Mr. Pitt to also make a commitment not to use firearms in any upcoming films. Some people may get the wrong idea.

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