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MADISON, WISCONSIN — A man trying to exit from a grocery store parking lot had the magnificent privilege of being stuck behind someone who miraculously forgot how to drive. We’ve all been there — guaranteed. However, how this concealed carrier handled this situation should be a warning call for all of us when temper flares up.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the concealed carrier was stuck behind a driver with his emergency flashers on, waiting for his passenger to get into the car. Stuck behind the driver, he honked his horn and attempted to get things to move along. Unfortunately, at some point, he lost his wits and got out of his car.

Mistake #1.

And he brandished his concealed carry pistol.

Mistake #2.

via the Wisconsin State Journal

“The armed man began honking his horn and yelling at them to move,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. “He believed getting around the parked car was going to be a hardship.”

There’s no need for Strike 3 because when the driver of the vehicle saw an armed man approaching, he quickly got out of dodge. His passenger called 911 and reported the concealed carrier to police. The concealed carrier did the right thing and stood by and waited for police to respond. When they arrived, they arrested him and are charging him with disorderly conduct while armed.

Now, the idiot who was parked in front of the grocery store won’t have his driver’s license revoked. There’s really not much recourse when dealing with idiot drivers. We all deal with idiot drivers. I sympathize so badly with this concealed carrier all the way up until the moment when he lost his wits and tried to use his gun to intimidate another person.

Because that’s the lesson in this situation.

When you lose your wits, you stop having control over the situation. A gun doesn’t make that work any better.

In that situation, you’re subject to lose your concealed carry permit. You may not always and perhaps this man won’t but the simple truth is that the use of a gun to intimidate or threaten another person is illegal. If a thug did it to you, you’d have the right to defend yourself. This idiot driver, if he was a concealed carrier, would theoretically be justified in defending his life. It’s a situation you, as a law abiding gun owner and concealed carrier, never want to be the author of.

So, learn from this guy.

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