Alligator Chases Man While Fishing At Pond On Hilton Head Island

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA — In a crazy encounter last week in South Carolina, a fisherman was chased by an alligator that surfaced from a pond. While cycling with his family, Micah Kimberlin witnessed the alligator clamber onto a sidewalk in Hilton Head.

As seen in a video, the reptile sprang out of the water, startling the fisherman who immediately took off amidst screams from spectators. Despite the incident, onlookers persisted in approaching the alligator. Kimberlin attempted to dissuade them but with little success.

Eventually, the alligator retreated back into the water.

“We had been telling our 9-year-old son that alligators are faster than you think they are and to stay away from the ponds. But even I didn’t realize just how fast they are,” Kimberlin told Storyful. “As we rode off in shock from what we’d just seen he said, ‘Well, I believe you now.’” 

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