“That Doesn’t Happen In This Area”: Man Gunned Down In TGI Friday’s Parking Lot

NEWCASTLE, DELAWARE — TGI Friday’s is about the last place people would really associate with random acts of violence but, apparently, the rules have changed.  An unnamed man believed to be in his 20s was found crumpled up between two parked cars after a series of gunshots were reported out in the parking lot.  The victim died on the scene and left patrons and police questioning the motive behind the shooting.

According to Delaware Online, police are staying extremely mum on the subject and witnesses at the TGI Friday’s have mostly declined to comment for the news.  The restaurant’s own staff has declined all comment on grounds of obviously protecting their own business.

There are a whole host of potential reasons a man is found dead out in the parking lot of a local restaurant but one thing is absolutely clear: concealed carry means staying safe at all hours.  Situational awareness, attention to detail, and maintaining a clean, sober mind while out and about are all necessary steps to ensuring your own safety.

We’ve reported previously on tragic incidences of people getting into fights outside bars and it turning bad.  Alcohol, emotions, and firearms are all horrible ingredients to mix together.  Make sure that if you’re out in town, keep a designated buddy on hand to act as the calm voice of reason and don’t confuse your firearm for a solution to animosities and bad emotions.

It’s always sad to see someone’s life ended on dubious grounds.  The one comment most echoed throughout the initial report was, “this doesn’t happen here.”

No, it does.

As concealed carriers, we know there’s no such thing as safe ground — and that’s why we stay responsible and aware of our surroundings.  Unfortunately, for this young man, the situation didn’t play out as well as hoped.  For us, let’s make sure to get home alive and in one piece.

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