Woman Shoots Husband In Self-Defense


AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA — The Aiken Department of Public Safety reported that a domestic incident involving a .22 pistol occurred and the main motive may have been self-defense. That’s the preliminary story breaking out of Aiken, South Carolina, as investigators try to ascertain whether the man’s side of the tale matches up with that of his own wife and child.

According to the Aiken Standard, officers from the Department of Public Safety believe that the man had begun choking the woman when she retreated into the bedroom and retrieved a .22 pistol. She says that after initially attempting to strangle her, he pursued her when she tried to flee. The couple’s own daughter acknowledge roughly the same chain of events unfolding.

This shouldn’t be a complicated subject for the gun-owning community.

People have a right to protect themselves and unfortunately sometimes people have to protect themselves from other family members.

The real core of this issue, according to police, is money. Finances can be one of the biggest break points in an otherwise great relationship. This is no excuse for that man to lay his hands on his wife in that manner but it is definitely a significant stressor which can exacerbate poor decisions.

In fact, there’s even been a study that’s shown that arguments early on in a relationship about finances can often be a predictor for divorce later on.

This also touches upon a severe need for people to de-escalate a conflict at its beginning rather than waiting for it to get out of hand. Hope everything works out and, honestly, at least she shot him with a .22 LR. Shoot to neutralize, amirite?

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