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[BELT REVIEW] CrossBreed Ares Aegis Belt For Concealed Carry

In the world of concealed carry, a great belt is essential to your entire setup. Without a proper belt, you risk your firearm and holster not having adequate support while you’re out and about. Never underestimate the value of a proper, sturdy belt.

Enter: The CrossBreed Ares Aegis Belt for concealed carry.

This belt is elegant, crafted to perfection and offers many different style options to go along with your wardrobe and personal tastes.

Let’s let CrossBreed tell us about their belt first:

Starting with the unmatched buckle quality of the Ares Ageis Buckle made from 4oz of bead blasted 304 Stainless Steel, this robust yet refined buckle will last a lifetime.  We match this buckle with a Crossbreed belt to form the perfect cross of style and function.  CrossBreed® belts start with hides specifically tanned to the specification of Crossbreed.  Once these hides are in house they are cut into the desired width of belt strips and hand leveled to ensure an even 7oz thickness.  Each strip is matched cross grain with a premium 7oz leather liner using industrial adhesive.  Each belt is beveled, burnished, and then recessed stitched with 277 thread.  The belts will be approximately ¼” thick resulting in a strong belt with superior support for your carry needs, while still offering flexibility for comfortable every day wear.   The finished and refined look of this belt will find a niche’ in your dress wardrobe as often as your daily carry.  Because we use the best leather, there is no need for a stiffening insert like a lesser quality belt uses.

Ok, let’s move onto the review! First, the buckle.

This Ares Aegis buckle is a heavy duty piece of steel. Available in Stainless, Black and Bronze, it’s 4 ounces of ‘last you your entire life’ metal. It’s beefy. As I mention in the above video review, it’s a little too beefy for my personal tastes, but I’m a pretty small guy. Anytime I throw a belt on with a big buckle, well, I just look a little goofy.

That doesn’t mean anything, though, as the size of this buckle will work for the majority of people hunting for a great gun belt.


On the side of craftsmanship and elegance, this belt brings all of that together and then some. The stitching is perfect, and also allows you to choose different colors to give you that accent you’re looking for. One of my favorite parts of the entire belt is the nice cut on the bottom left of the leather end. It’s just… different, and gives a really nice, refined feel to the belt overall.


The belt width, seen below, comes in at 1.5″ and is the only width available. That’s fine, because it’s the standard go-to width for a nice gun belt. Most, if not all holsters will cater perfectly to this width with the size of their clips.


Another important feature is the thickness of the leather itself. The belt offers two layers of leather, bringing it to a total of 14 ounces. The edges are smoothed and buffed, and look really sharp and refined.

The overall thickness is roughly 1/4″, which gives you a sturdy belt that won’t sag when you add your firearm and holster to the mix, and that’s important when carrying.


The flip side of the buckle shows you how it works, and most are familiar with this type of buckle. If not, check out the video at the top of this article to see how it works, and how simple it is to use.


As far as gun belts go for concealed carry, this is one of my favorites out there. Again while I personally prefer smaller buckles, I’m the minority when it comes to looking goofy with big belt buckles. The way that this belt is set up, though, would allow me to add a buckle of my choice by popping the provided buckle out via the two screws you see in the above image. And for that, I’m grateful.

The price of this belt at the time of this review comes in at $89.95 and is, in my opinion, a fair price for what you’re getting. If you’d like to order or see even more information on the belt line, click here.

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