Trump Vows To End Gun Free Zones At Schools And Military Bases


By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

On one hand, I’m delighted that there’s a presidential candidate who comes right out and tells it like it is re: “gun-free zones.” In Mr. Trump’s words, they’re “bait.” On the other hand, too bad it’s Donald Trump doing the telling. Lest we forget, The Donald supported an assault weapons ban and funded Hillary Clinton and other anti-gun rights Democrats (same thing, I know). Equally, this statement glosses over the fact the President of the United States can’t . . .

repeal the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994 with the stroke of a pen. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. OK, yes, President Trump could change military policy on personal firearms by fiat. But deep-sixing federal law on the prohibition of firearms at public schools would require an act of Congress. Which is not a “day one” deal by any stretch of the imagination.

Question: does Trump know the Constitutional limits on the executive branch’s power and not care because he wants to get elected? Or does he not know, not care and is willing to say anything to get elected? At the risk of alienating Trump supporters — who champion the most rabidly pro-gun pol on the stump — be careful what you wish for.

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