#DIGTHERIG – Mike and his Kimber Custom TLE2 in an Andrews Leather McDaniel 2 Holster

I’m old, and carry old school; my Glock 17 is great, but 1911s feel right, and I shoot them better.

Kimber Custom TLE2, 5″ .45.  My daily carry and IDPA gun.

8 round McCormick mags, VZ320 grips, otherwise bone stock.

Andrews Leather McDaniel 2, with 2 steel strips sewn in to keep the inside straight and hold it open.  IWB on hip. Andrews mag carriers.

Hornady 230 grain XTP +P.

Clip knife, flashlight, S&W tactical pen.  Will add pepper spray soon.

Matte black gun, black leather, matte black belt,  and black undershirt all combine to make it difficult for others to recognize the shape of the gun if my shirt lifts momentarily.

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