Country Singer Dies After ‘Prop’ Gun Fires During Music Video Shoot, Striking Him In The Eye

Photo courtesy Facebook

A man is dead after he was shot by what people believed to be a ‘prop’ gun that was being used during the creation of a music video.

The up-and-coming country singer, Justin Carter, apparently had the gun in his pocket when things went wrong.

According to the singer’s mother, the gun was in his pocket and when discharged, struck him in the eye.

Carter leaves behind two young daughters, Dixie and Kaylee.

No matter what is handed to you; if it looks like a gun, it should be treated as such. Always check and double-check your firearm. Even if it’s deemed a ‘prop’ gun, you should still treat it as a regular gun.

There was definite carelessness that happened, or else this incident would have never played out the way that it did.

h/t TTAG

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