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Texas H-E-B Supermarket Chain Bans Upcoming Open Carry, Concealed Still OK

By Nick Leghorn via The Truth About Guns

With the coming legalization of licensed open carry in Texas companies are re-examining their firearms policies. They’re determining if permitting open carry is right for them. Concealed carry follows the “out of sight out of mind” mentality, which respects a person’s right to carry a gun for self defense while keeping those more skiddish about firearms blissfully ignorant about the presence of an evil disgusting firearm. Open carry forces the issue, and makes some people feel uncomfortable. As a result . . .

some businesses that are permissive of concealed carry are putting the kaibash on open carry. Texas’ beloved H-E-B supermarket chain is one of them. From Forbes:

Billionaire-owned H-E-B has issued no public statement on its decision to disallow open carry — one that is entirely legal for a private business, as long as compliant signage is displayed.

H-E-B competitors including Whole Foods and Safeway SWY +% subsidiary Randall’s have already posted notices prohibiting open carry in their Texas stores from the moment the law comes into effect.

In the state of Texas, open carry is only be legal if the carrier also carries a concealed carry license. Realistically, by adopting a policy of permitting concealed carry and banning open carry, H-E-B is simply saying is “when you come in here, just throw your shirt over your gun please.”

It’s a pretty sensible request from a chain of stores that wants to avoid the whole gun control debate. One that allows gun owners to practice their Constitutional rights while the inner city Democrats stroll along blissfully unaware of the “danger” around them. Fair enough?

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