Pizza Delivery Driver Ambushed During Delivery, Returns Fire On Crooks


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Detroit police are reporting that a pizza delivery driver is uninjured after an exchange of gunfire between himself and an armed robber.  According to FOX 2, the pizza delivery driver was making a drop when he realized he was at an abandoned house.  The police are saying that two robbers emerged, one with a gun in hand.  The first armed robber opened fire and that’s when one of the pizza delivery men pulled his own personal handgun and returned fire.

An ensuing gunfight broke out and an armed robber and a co-worker were injured in the exchange.  The delivery driver emerged without any personal injury.  Police caught the suspect one street over when he tried to run but didn’t make it that far due to his multiple gunshot wounds.  That suspect is in custody while a second accomplice remains at large.

Both the suspect that was shot and the co-worker are believed to have sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and are expected to recover.

Armed crooks keep going after pizza delivery men because they think there’s maybe a couple hundred dollars and some free pizza.  One thing Detroit has plenty of is abandoned houses.  These two dumb-dumbs put two and two together and decided to set up an ambush on their own.  One of them got his hands on a gun and obviously didn’t understand how to use it.  That’s good news for the concealed carrier that had to defend himself and his co-worker.  It’s something that few realize — just because a crook is armed, doesn’t mean he’s going to end it once he gets his prize.

As we covered in a tragic previous article, one armed robber waited until he had the money and still shot the unarmed clerk.

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