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FL Land Surveyor Shoots Suspected Armed Robber While On The Job

PLANTATION, FL — An 18-year-old armed robber tried to steal a cell phone and money from a man who was simply outside doing his job. Quickly though, the intended victim drew his own firearm and shot the suspect.

The man who shot the suspect, Fabian Rosario, did not want to speak with reporters about the incident. Details come from Rosario’s boss who spoke with NBC Miami.

During the incident, the suspect demanded money from Rosario. When the intended victim said that he didn’t have any, the suspect demanded his cell phone and ordered him to the ground. Rosario complied with the suspect’s demands, but saw an opportunity to draw his firearm while on the ground and shoot the suspect.

While the incident is under investigation, police believe this to be a clear-cut case of self-defense and do not anticipate any charges being filed against Rosario.

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