Springfield Armory Introduces The Echelon, And It’s The Handgun You’ve Been Waiting For


Springfield Armory introduces the Echelon™, a trailblazing 9mm striker-fired duty pistol that redefines the standards for modern firearm design. The Echelon is constructed around a sturdy stainless steel chassis and boasts a groundbreaking optics mounting system, offering a remarkable blend of modularity and adaptability. This handgun embodies superior ergonomics and is robust enough to endure extreme conditions, positioning it at the forefront of its class.

Drawing inspiration from the innovative military formation known as the ‘echelon’, first utilized by a determined, outmanned army to defeat the Spartans in 371 BC, Springfield Armory echoes this spirit of innovation in the Echelon.

The Central Operating Group (COG), a wholly self-contained and serialized system at the heart of the Echelon, enables easy interchanging between grip modules in mere seconds. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing methods, this precision-crafted stainless steel chassis houses a patent-pending operating system.

Concealed beneath the slide cover plate lies the Echelon’s advanced, patent-pending optic mounting system known as the Variable Interface System (VIS). It enables over 30 optics to be mounted directly to the slide without needing adapter plates. By setting the self-locking pins according to your chosen optic’s footprint, you achieve a lower, direct mount, facilitating an improved sight picture and intuitive alignment.

The Echelon’s slide has been designed with four distinct engagement surfaces for ease of use. It has a trench cut at the front, providing a natural location for press checks and charging the firearm, while the slide’s rear is flared for positive purchase. Deep forward and rear serrations extend through the corners, ensuring a secure grip from any angle.

The Central Operating Group fits into any Echelon grip module, allowing for customization to your exact hand fit. The handgun comes standard with a medium grip module and three interchangeable backstraps, with small and large frames available for separate purchase. An adaptive grip texture provides a smooth surface that transitions into a more aggressive texture when pressure is applied, making it suitable for concealed carry. Furthermore, the Echelon is equipped with an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, an oversized trigger guard for use with gloves, and textured common indexing points for a firmer grip.

The Echelon uses a specially designed magazine that prioritizes durability, rugged use, and reliable operation. Available in a flush-fit configuration with a 17+1 capacity and a 20+1 capacity with the extended base pad installed, the magazine also comes in a low-capacity 10-round model. Its new scratch and wear-resistant coating give it a sleek, black finish.

The Echelon’s trigger utilizes the advantages of the Central Operating Group to deliver superior performance. Key components are machine-crafted from tool steel and highly polished, resulting in a smooth uptake, defined wall, crisp break, and short, positive reset.

Safety is paramount for the Echelon. Besides passing rigorous testing and exceeding SAAMI drop test parameters, the Echelon’s Central Operating Group features a unique second sear design to prevent accidental discharge if the firearm is dropped. Field stripping the Echelon is straightforward and requires no tools or trigger pull.

The Echelon comes standard with a tactical rack U-Notch rear sight and a tritium front sight with a luminescent ring, with a tritium 3-dot configuration also available. Optional suppressor height sights can be purchased separately. Combined with its native optics support, the Echelon offers an unmatched dynamic sighting system.

The Echelon barrel is crafted for elite performance through a hammer forging process known for producing stronger barrels with smoother surfaces. Coated with Melonite® for corrosion and wear resistance, you can choose between a standard 4.5” barrel or a 5.28” threaded barrel with a ½ x 28 thread pitch.

This amazing 9mm has only been in my hands for a few days, so a full review is in the works and will be out shortly.

To learn even more about the Springfield Armory Echelon, click here.

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