Things That Pro-2nd Amendment People Are Tired Of Hearing

1) Why do you have guns? What are you afraid of? Are you in danger? Why are you so paranoid?

We aren’t any of the above. We are prepared, and it’s our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms.

2) I’m really glad Obama got re-elected!

We don’t often get political, but we all saw this coming.

3) I really hope this gun control bill passes, we need to stop these crazies from killing people.

Gun Control Laws only prove that they harm law-abiding citizens. For people to think that a criminal will say something like “Oh no, I can only have 10 rounds in my magazine. I’d better throw all of my 15 round magazines away!” is absurd. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law. That’s why they’re criminals.

4) “In other news, the price of Ammunition continues to climb”

For most of us, shooting is one of the most fun and important parts of our lives. Stop adding a premium on our ammo for x, y or z reason.

5) No one is coming to take your guns.

Tell that to California, NYC, and every other place on earth that’s enacted strict gun control laws. Citizens lose their rights, period.

6) Feinstein

Yea, let’s not discuss this further.

7) 10 rounds of ammo is plenty

Tell that to the single mother of 3 that needs to defend herself and her children against 4 armed intruders at 3am. She should have the right to have as many rounds in her magazine as she wants because she legally owns that firearm and is a law-abiding citizen.

8) What’s another gun control law, really?

One gun control law turns into two. Two turns into four. You get the idea. If we allow them to keep passing stricter and stricter gun control laws, it’s only a matter of time until we have no 2nd Amendment left.

9) If we had stronger gun control laws, innocent kids wouldn’t get shot in our schools

We could argue this for days. It is not law-abiding citizens who carry out these attacks. The majority, if not all, are people with mental health problems who come into possession of firearms illegally. How about we take all of the money spent on the gun control policies and focus it toward mental health.

10) Why do you need so many guns?

Why should it matter at all? Let me reiterate: a law-abiding citizen is not a criminal, and the number of firearms that we possess is of no issue whatsoever.

11) The 2nd Amendment is for muskets, not modern firearms

The 2nd Amendment was written when firearms at the time were state-of-the-art. With advancements in technology, which we’re sure our forefathers took into consideration, you simply stay with the times.

12) Why aren’t you for gun control? Do you want criminals to have guns?

Gun Control is proven to take far more firearms from law-abiding citizens than it does criminals. Who turns in their firearms when ‘required’ to do so; your next door neighbor that’s a model citizen, or a gang member with a long history with the law?

13) “XXXXXXX Business has just released a new policy that bans customers from carrying firearms in their stores”

We won’t spend our money there anymore. There, that was simple.

14) There are far too many guns in America

~90 Million lawful gun owners killed no one yesterday.

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