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[CCW IN ACTION] Armed Robbers Beat Feet After Concealed Carrier Draws Gun

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA — A concealed carrier waiting in line at a convenience store was rudely interrupted by three robbers, of which at least one was armed.  According to WAVY, the three robbers walked up to the counter.  One of them drew his handgun and they all announced they were committing a robbery.

Why else would they rush into a store and hold a gun pointed at the register?

“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, we would now like to perform a three part ballet performance for your viewing pleasure.  Please don’t mind the hooded man with a gun in his hand.”

That’d never happen.

Anyhow, the concealed carrier drew his own personal handgun for self-defense.  All three robbers immediately went racing out of the store.

It won’t always end so nicely but for today, let’s be thankful there was someone ready to defend himself and others.

Police believe all three suspects also match the description for a series of robberies occurring in nearby towns.  From the surveillance footage, police were able to identify distinct clothing and shoes which may help lead to an arrest.  Newport News police are working in conjunction with those other towns to try to identify the criminals and bring them to justice.

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