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Intruder Shot And Killed By Homeowner In California, Hours After Guns Were Stolen From His Home

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA — A homeowner shot and killed an intruder around 11 p.m. Saturday night after hearing him enter the house. The homeowner called 911 and armed himself with a gun and when he was on the phone, ended up exchanging gunfire with the suspect.

The suspect was found dead outside the home, with a handgun in his hand. The homeowner was not injured.

That same morning, police say several firearms were stolen from the same home, although it was unclear if the suspect who died was responsible for that theft.

At the time of the incident, the homeowner was at home by himself and luckily was alert and able to spring into action in order to save his life. Getting on the phone with 911 and arming himself was the right call, and when he needed his shots to hit his target, they found it.

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